Art Deco Weekend

A devastating earthquake hit Napier in 1931 and left the city in ruins. From the rubble, the community rebuilt the world’s premier display of Art Deco architecture. Once a year, 50,000 people flock to Napier to celebrate Art Deco Weekend. Dolled up and ready to dance, attendees spend the weekend sipping champagne, doing the Charleston, and picnicking by the sea.  After a weekend full of grace and grandeur, the rest of the world seems a far away place with too much hustle and not enough roaring twenties. Read More

New Morning Farm – Week 2 and 3 Video Recap

Well, we missed a week of posting our video on the blog – but do not fear, because we did have the video made. You can catch up on our second and third week on New Morning Farm by watching the videos below. We are just finishing up our fourth week on the farm and we are heading back to Minnesota to celebrate the Fourth of July!