The life of a traveler is filled with uncertainty. It seems like only yesterday I was jobless, homeless and driving a broken car. Today, my car is still broken but I’m living in Nelson, New Zealand – a town that is as close to perfect as I have yet to find. 

Nelson sits in the heart of Tasman Bay, at the very northern tip of the South Island. It’s known as the city of sunshine and boasts more hours of sun than any other region in New Zealand. Mountains surround the city and ocean laps against it’s shore. Needless to say, this is a happy place.

I have found a job, a wonderful home and I spend my free time exploring the surrounding nature with my friends. This week, I headed to a sustainable living community just north of Nelson. The Riverside Community is farm, restaurant and community of people dedicated to living in peace.

Two hours north of the Riverside Community, at the very northern most tip of the South Island lies the magical Wharariki Beach. Here is where civilization ends and the rugged west coast begins. The sand dunes roll across the horizon and baby seals playfully splash around in tide pools.

The simple life of Nelson is deliciously tempting me to stay longer than I ever thought I would in New Zealand.

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  1. That looks like such a beautiful place Dana! Thank you for sharing all the pictures and narrative so we can share the world with you.

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