I didn’t think life could get any better. I have been living it up the past few months in the winter haven of New Zealand – Nelson. The days are sunny, the nights are frosty and life has been perfect. I spend my mornings drinking coffee with friends, doing yoga by the sea and walking on the beach. As the sun starts to set, I start work. I get to serve people delicious food and meet new friends – all while getting paid. It doesn’t even sound like work, it sounds like a holiday. But, alas, I just arrived home from a proper three-day holiday, filled with adventure and delicatessen.

Yes, you can hate me, I’ll still love you.

In the United States, we have cabins (or cottages) where we get away from the hustle and bustle of every day life. In New Zealand, if you’re lucky, you own a bach (rhymes with catch). These rustic, little holiday homes are plentiful along the coasts of New Zealand and quickly fill up during the summer. But, in the winter, you can easily book your very own bach for under $100 through the website BookABach. We paid $85 / night for a two bedroom, private house directly on the sea. It felt like I stepped back into the 70s, complete with the coordinating orange kitchen, shower and bedding – it was the perfect getaway in every sense of the word.

We had access to a row boat, two kayaks and all the shellfish we could eat. We spent the first night gazing up at the starriest sky I have ever witnessed. When the tide went down, we scampered over rocks and collected oysters. We brought our bucket full of oysters into our little row boat and sat in the middle of the sea cracking open shells and devouring them raw. I had never enjoyed the texture or flavor of oysters, but I am a changed woman. I have never consumed anything this fresh. Just thinking about the salty sea water mixing with the creamy oyster is making me hungry for more. When can I go back?

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9 thoughts on “Bach Life

  1. Dana, your dad is right. Don’t believe everything you’ve ever heard about oysters. I was told that eating them was supposed to make you all sexy and verile. Well, don’t believe it! I ate twelve of them once, and only eight of them worked.

  2. Ach, you are making this prairie girl hungry. I won’t eat raw fish unless I am on a coast somewhere, but I am perpetually landlocked now. So eat lots for me!
    New Morning Farm

    • I’m with you on the raw fish rule, which is probably why this Minnesota girl hadn’t eaten a fresh, raw oyster until she was 28. Come visit New Zealand Nancy! Maybe it could be a business write off, if you are researching new methods of egg production. 🙂

  3. Hey Dana
    It’s great to be reminded of how lucky we are here in NZ. From living on the backdoor of great hunting and fresh venison and awesome smoked trout when I was a boy. Then camping holidays in the Coromandel with the best of seafood. We can easily take things for granted until perhaps they are no longer there. Hope all is well

    • Good to hear from you Neville! I still have dreams about the smoked fish you cooked us at the orchard. I have yet to make it up to Coromandel, but it’s on my list. Agreed, if we take the beauty for granted it becomes harder to protect it’s future.

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