Today, Dana and I slept in until 9:50AM! Although, to be honest, the other mornings we only woke up as early as 8:00AM. Turns out farmers don’t always have to wake up at the crack of dawn. We are getting very comfortable with our first farm family, Nancy and Lorne Hall. We have learned so much about Canadian traditions and political systems. They took us into the town of Gimli today to help with some flower planting and window washing at a local senior citizen home. Afterwards, Lorne and I went to clean up some grass clippings and he introduced me to the local snack “Cheezies.” It is similar to Cheetos but, I must say, far better – especially with a nice, ice-cold Coca Cola from a glass bottle, which Lorne says feels great on your lips and I completely agree. Lorne explained that Cheezies only have one advertising scheme, they make smaller versions of their snacks for Halloween so that they can be handed out to children. Cheezies are also coveted for their top secret method of making no individual Cheezie the same. Each one has a unique and different shape, making it one of Canada’s leading ladies in the snack food isle. 

Giant Mosquito in Komarno, Manitoba
Next, we stopped by the giant mosquito in the town of Komarno – which means mosquito in Ukrainian. The mosquito was created to commemorate the worst mosquito season in history. Cattle in the area didn’t even breed that season because they were too busy trying to get the mosquitos off of themselves. Officials reported that the mosquitos reached a peak of 30 bites per minute. 

We headed home for a delicious lunch of stuffed peppers and cucumber salad. Lorne and Nancy informed us that tonight they had choir rehearsal, which we were welcome to attend. We were excited for what the night would bring. Our lunch stretched on a bit and we began to feel bad for being too chatty, so we set out to finish weeding the raspberry patch. Dana and I are particularly proud of this project because it is the crop that Lorne is most proud of and we felt honored to help him. 

After finishing up our work for the day, we headed in for another incredible meal. All of the meals that Nancy cooks are made from scratch, with the majority of the ingredients coming from the farm. Today we had delicious meatloaf, made from the cows they raise, baked potatoes, cooked cucumbers and the world’s best coleslaw (sorry Dana). Her coleslaw had apples mixed in with the cabbage – I don’t know how I have been missing this my entire life. 

After quick showers, we all changed into our Sunday best and traveled a short distance to a neighbor’s farm. On the way there we drove passed an airport, where the famed Gimli Glider made an emergency landing due to the crew miscalculating the fuel based on the imperial system rather than the newly adopted metric system. Apparently, this exact plane was recently put up on the auction block but did not garner enough bidding to sell.

As we pulled into the farm, just in time for choir practice, we were not sure what to expect. But, we should not have had any reservations, because this was another group of welcoming, smiling faces. The choir consisted of 15 men, women, and children from around the community. The choir director asked Dana and I if we were soprano, alto, tenor, or bass, We looked at each other with nervous faces and told him we didn’t know. He placed us where he thought we might fit and for the next two hours we practiced our singing. Everyone was talented and supportive and so we ended another fulfilling and fun day on the farm. 

Choir practice
Just finished planting beans

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