Let’s create a new kind of news program. Too many Americans have a distorted view of the world due to the bombardment of negativity that we see on standard news stations. Instead of seeing stories of creativity and compassion about our international peers, we see stories of violence and cruelty. If we want the world to become a safer place for future generations, we have to ignore national borders and see all people as our family – to be treated with respect and love.

I feel lucky, oh so lucky. I was brought up in a home where it was the norm to have a foreign exchange student living in our guest room. By the time I graduated High School, I had friends (who felt like family) from Germany, Venezuela, Uruguay, Chile, Norway, and China. I never realized how important this could be until I began traveling.

Many of my high school and college friends thought I was slightly crazy for wanting to travel the world and they really thought that I had lost it when I told them I would be doing it….alone. But, traveling by yourself does not equate to being alone. I had known for years that the world was filled with wonderful people and it didn’t seem like a large, terrifying, open road because I knew people living outside of the United States. The more people you get to know, the smaller the world becomes. The smaller the world becomes, the more it feels like your home.

I wish everyone could have the same upbringing as me, but I am not naiveté enough to think this is possible. Instead, I want to re-create this feeling of “being at-home in the world” for my fellow Americans. By creating a news program that showcases the innovations, family businesses, philanthropy and artistic genius of the people who live outside of America – we will begin to shrink the world, we will begin to change people’s perceptions of the world and we will begin to realize that we are all the same. 

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