Well, we have now entered Canada – I wouldn’t exactly say that we were welcomed in, but they allowed us into their country for 30 days. Why, you may ask, are we only allowed for 30 days? Because we lied. While it is no excuse for common sense, there was some logic behind our madness.

The program that we are farming with is called WOOF-Canada and if you check out their website, they make it seem like telling boarder patrols the truth about your intentions to farm in Canada will cause them to deny you entry. That being said, we crafted a little story about staying with a family friend in Canada. Yes, we risked a $10,000 fine and time in jail just because we thought we would be able to “out-smart” the border patrols.

As we drove through the entrance to Canada we were greeted by a nice woman who asked us quite a few questions about our travel plans. We thought that we were doing great and that we would be off to farming in Canada in only a few short minutes. We were wrong. She directed us to park our car and wait for an officer. The first officer had us remove all belongings from our car and tell him more about our plans in Canada. So far, so good, the story was holding up and we had only slightly lied about our true intentions of farming. Next, we headed back inside to talk with another officer about our plans. This is where it all started going downhill.

The officer asked who we were staying with and I told him, “A family friend.” He accepted this answer and asked for her contact information. I had her contact information in an email printed in my car as well as in an email on my phone. He wanted to see the one on my phone – in fact, he wanted to search my whole phone. He told us to take a seat while he “did a little digging.” This is when I knew we were in trouble, because the email chain contained information stating that the border patrols have become a bit strict lately and that it would be better if we did not tell them about our farming intentions.

The minute he called me up to the desk I knew he knew the truth. He wasn’t some bifocal-wearing, old man who couldn’t use an iPhone if Steve Jobs were personally tutoring him. This was Officer Generation X, just waiting to bust us. The moment I realized this, I burst into tears. Not just a single, strategic tear that would show my sincerity – more like uncontrollable crying. He called Chase up to the desk at this time to answer the questions that I was trying to get out between sniffles and sobs.

We told him the truth. After he did more “digging” on Chase’s phone, he confirmed that our farming story was the truth. He informed us of the severity of lying to an officer and told us that he would only allow us to stay in the country for 30 days, after which we would have to leave or risk arrest. We have never felt so bad in our entire lives. We asked if we could speak to the first officer once more so that we could apologize – I was crying throughout this apology too. Embarrassing. As he was stamping our final paperwork to send us on our way, he began to discuss the rules of volunteering in Canada. Chase finally got him to crack a smile when he noticed my tears starting to well-up again and said, “Oh no, if we don’t leave now you are going to get round three of tears.” Officer Generation X laughed and sent us on our way.

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