You know when everything in life is going wrong and you start to feel like you just don’t belong in a country? That’s been my frame of mind for the past two weeks. No money, no job prospects and no internet. Boo hoo. I even stooped so low as to look at flights to Southeast Asia, because I couldn’t quite make it work in New Zealand. But, the universe wasn’t ready for me to be done with this country.

After sleeping under the stars for two weeks, we arrived in Nelson dirty and, in my humble opinion, slightly underfed. We had signed up to work at the cozy bed and breakfast, The Beach House, in exchange for food and lodging. My New Zealand bank account would thank me for the withdrawal holiday. Little did I know, we had actually signed up for paradise.

Angie and George run a bed and breakfast during the high season (October – April) and rent out the spare rooms during the low season. Lucky for us, we arrived just at the end of the high season and found ourselves resting peacefully in a private room within ten minutes of arrival.

Angie and George have spent hours upon hours self-renovating their property over the past five years and have created an IKEA-esque, custom built home. After weeks of sleeping in our car, a tent or a hostel, the feeling of stepping into such a pristine place was overwhelmingly soothing. Even better, I think we may have found the fastest internet in New Zealand at the tip of our fingers.

The good-vibes only grew as we got to know our hosts and roommates. Angie and George are an easy-going, hilarious couple who make it feel like we are part of the family. Our roommates, Johannes (Germany), Fifi (Taiwan), Vicki (Hong Kong), and Eola (Taiwan), are working in Nelson and traveling around New Zealand. We are quickly becoming a happy little family, complete with homemade sushi nights and vodka-induced laughing fits.

It’s unreal how quickly my sorrows on the road can turn into sunshine. I’m so lucky to have found this lovely group of people and this cozy home in Nelson – a city that just happens to have the greatest number of sunny days in all of New Zealand.

Follow the sun!

4 thoughts on “Searching for Sunshine

  1. And you guys will endear yourselves to your hosts through your sunny dispositions and crazy-hard work ethic, and all will be well for another long stretch. Good on ya, as I have heard they say–oh wait, that’s an Australiaism. I don’t know what they say in NZ but you get the point. Well done, as I would say.

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