I’ve been trying this new thing, combining photos and sketches into one scene.

Do you like it? What should my next character be?

3 thoughts on “Sketch Adventures

  1. The sketch/photos are brilliant, absolutely charming, witty, amusing and pure CHASE, especiallly with the thumb holding the drawing. And by the way, is that banner photo up there “our” road?!! Sure looks like home to me and quite a nice surprise to open this page and see it.

    Now off to read the words that go with this magnificent blog. Love you guys.
    New Morning Farm

    • Thanks so much Nancy! We are excited you are checking out the site. 🙂 Chase says thanks too, it’s good to hear people like his ideas. Yes, yes, that is your lovely road! Some of our favorite photos were taken at your house. I should really send you a few one of these days. Your bikes, specifically, are the center of my favorite shot Chase has ever taken. We love you too!

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