Tiny Car Nation: Living in New Zealand

Downsizing used to be a term associated with hardship. For individuals, downsizing meant selling your home to pay a looming debt and for businesses it meant jobs were on the chopping block. Read More


Move to New Zealand – 5 Easy Steps

So, you’ve made the decision to take a trip to New Zealand? Have you decided you want to work, live in your vehicle and basically be the envy of all your friends (or the cool ones at least)? I did the same thing, but I didn’t have this list to guide my way.

Follow these five steps – in order – and you will find yourself living a life of freedom in no time. Read More


Kiwi vs. Māori

Words in New Zealand are proving difficult for me to pronounce. Yes, I do know English is the official language in New Zealand. No, the English words are not my problem. The language of the Māori, however, is filled with sounds my lips have never had to produce. I’ve been walking through New Zealand, struggling to properly pronounce words that have been repeated to me at least ten times. Mt. Mauganui, Waitangi, Waiheke, Tiritiri Matangi – the tongue twisting list could go on forever, because nearly every city, mountain, street and river in New Zealand is in Māori. Read More


Waiheke Island

We tend to procrastinate. We tend to procrastinate, a lot. We procrastinate to such a degree that we will be five minutes from checkout at our hostel and still not have a bed to sleep in for the night. Such was the dilemma we found ourselves in, as we were frantically jamming our last remaining coins into the machine that runs the internet at our hostel – internet in New Zealand, a nightmare I will reserve for another day. Read More


Peaceful Places in Auckland

Auckland – “where the fish are so succulent you can eat them bones and all!”

Today was our first real day to explore the largest city in New Zealand, Auckland. With 1.5 million residents, Auckland is home to one quarter of the country’s entire population. The city is physically teeming with tourists at this time of the year and it’s no wonder, there are harbors to explore, beaches to lounge upon, volcanos to hike and a seemingly infinite supply of hip, foodie streets. Read More


Long Haul Flight Necessities

Is it real? Has our adventure really, truly begun? We may be slightly delusional from sheer exhaustion, but it hasn’t seemed to dampen the love-at-first sight feeling we officially have for New Zealand. We arrived at 7:00AM, after a 21 hour journey from Minnesota and somehow managed to hike to a volcano, have coffee at two cafes, grocery shop and explore Auckland, all before 1:00PM.

Naturally, I attribute such stunning resilience to the perfectly planned carry-on that kept my skin hydrated, my body fresh and had me sleeping soundly over the Pacific Ocean. Read More