Mother + Daughter in New Zealand

You know that moment when your mom stops being just your mom and you begin to build a friendship? You get to a certain point where you can see one another for who they really are and love them as a human being instead of simply as family.

I haven’t yet mastered this newfound friendship with Mom, at times I still act like a child, I’m impatient and I say things in anger that I would never say to a friend. But, the more time we spend together, the more I feel like our relationship is becoming both family and friendship.  Read More


Exploring the South Island

Most of the time I love this vagabond life I’m living – the unplanned days, the wide open road, the starry night skies. It’s the epitome of freedom. But, there are days weeks when everything falls apart. These are the moments when I question why I’m not working in a steady job, living in a warm apartment and earning a reliable paycheck. These are the moments when I freak out and it’s all Chase can do to convince me that our world is not ending.  Read More


Living Happily Ever Orchard

For the past six weeks, we have been living and working on an apple orchard in Hastings, New Zealand. Our life is anything but glamourous. It’s half organized, half disaster and oftentimes a little too dirty for my liking. But it’s simple, and simple is good. 

All of our material belongings fit into our 22 sq. ft. station wagon and we tend to spend most of the day outdoors. We see the moon as it’s rising over the apple trees, we feel the first hint of stormy weather when the wind picks up and we have one too many flies to keep us company.  Read More


Art Deco Weekend

A devastating earthquake hit Napier in 1931 and left the city in ruins. From the rubble, the community rebuilt the world’s premier display of Art Deco architecture. Once a year, 50,000 people flock to Napier to celebrate Art Deco Weekend. Dolled up and ready to dance, attendees spend the weekend sipping champagne, doing the Charleston, and picnicking by the sea.  After a weekend full of grace and grandeur, the rest of the world seems a far away place with too much hustle and not enough roaring twenties. Read More