Photographers | Stevo Dirnberger & Chanel Cartell
Location | Austria
Instagram | @howfarfromhome
Website |

Meet Stevo and Chanel, the creative duo behind the hugely popular Instagram account, How Far From Home. In March, 2015 they left their life of comfort and predictability in South Africa and embarked on an adventure to see the world. They mark each new location with a stunning photo and a sign stating how many kilometers they are from home. Follow them like it’s your job, they are sure to leave you dreaming of new places to explore. 

Warning, after viewing the next 10 photographs you may feel the urge to quit your job and book a flight to Austria – which is 100% okay!

I want to share the world with you. Each week, I will publish photo stories from talented artists and photographers who have traveled to every corner of the world.

I want you to see a new place, dream a new dream and be inspired to get to know the world.

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10 thoughts on “The World | Austria

  1. Hey Dana,

    Nice photos! Just wanted to let you know that they don’t show up in your email posts though – not sure if you need to change your settings?

    Hope things are good in the South Island, Wellington is windy as ever!


    • Hi Chelsea! Thanks for watching out for me. It seems like the subscribtion service I use (Jetpack) doesn’t allow the photos to be sent via email. Frustrating. In the future, I will have to just send a snippet of the post and have readers click on a link to reach the website. Thanks for the heads up!

      Stay warm up in Wellington, I’ve heard the winter is brutal. If you need a sunny spot to visit, you are always welcome here in Nelson!

  2. Hi Dana- Such an inspiration you are and I love reading about your travels. I admire your guts to take off and see the world. Austria is gorgeous..I travel there to ski in the winter. It holds a special place in my heart. Thank you for sharing!

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