Hi Friends! 

I have an idea. It’s been floating around in my mind for a while, but I am ready to put it into action. I’m adding an entirely new twist to One Simple Soul. Once a week, I will publish a post that will feature the work of talented photographers from around the world. I will be asking these photographers to send me just 10 shots that vividly convey the feelings of one particular place. It might be India, Amsterdam, the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival or simply your favorite mountain in Colorado.

I am looking for 10, stunning photos from a single place. I want your photos to inspire others to see the world. 

Be inspired

I love looking at photos from around the world. One particular shot can inspire me to pick my next travel destination. A single image can keep me from giving up my day job for just long enough to save the money needed to reach Indonesia. That’s powerful!

Dream big

Photography can light a little spark inside of you that turns into a dream of traveling the world. I once saw a vibrant photo of a Peruvian woman and was so inspired that I booked a flight and traveled solo through Peru for four months. It happened to me and I want it to happen to you. I want you to be inspired to see how amazing the world is, just give the world a chance. You may be surprised to discover that we are all more alike than different – we all love our families, dream of a good life and worry about the future. Get to know the world. 

Send me your photos

Okay guys, I know there are plenty of you out there who have already seen a piece of this beautiful world and have incredible photography skills. I want to showcase your work, give you credit and inspire people to dream big.

Send me 10 of your best photos from any single place. Let’s get in touch, and create something beautiful together.



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