Chase:Hello! Today is June 14th – Dana and my three year anniversary. It has been a great day, but rainier then the dickens! For the last week we have been doing a lot a different jobs around the farm. We bent 60 pipes to build the hoops that we covered with reemay, potted plants in the greenhouse and helped get the tractor out of the manure as best we could. We also had to do our first load of laundry this week and we watched them dry in the warm Canadian breeze. But, my favorite part of the week must have been playing the alphabet game with Dana while we weeded a single row of garlic for an hour – and I am not lying! It is good to know I can still have fun just playing in the dirt and talking to my best friend.  

Dana:Our second week has already come to end. It is so great to be working in a role that is different each and every day. Chase and I couldn’t be happier! We have been eating delicious, homegrown food, we have been working on rewarding projects, and we have been able to spend every moment with each other. Chase mentioned above that we “potted plants in the greenhouse,” but he failed to mention that I had actually potted 65 plants in the sweltering greenhouse while he worked on a construction project in the refreshing shadows. Quite the accomplishment! Hopefully all of the little eggie-plants and pepper poos will come up strong. I only worry because there were a few incidents when I was forced to play God, alter evolution, sentence someone to the death penalty – not sure how to put it, but I sure had power. This madness occurred due to two little seeds being planted in the same starter dish. This resulted in two plants fighting for the same space. I wasn’t about to continue this madness in the larger pots, so I had to decide – who was going to live and whose roots were going to be up-rooted? My decision didn’t reach any higher level of thinking than, “which plant looks the strongest?” Such a basic and Darwinist way of deciding life and death. We shall never know which plant truly was the strongest, but I hope the ones that lived, live a happy, moist, and sunshine filled life.

Chase:As you can see, I think Dana spent a little too much time in that greenhouse. Although, I did find it interesting how bad she felt sometimes when she would take out the little seedling over the big one. That cry-baby face that I have grown to love would come out and she would let out a little, fake cry and, “pluck,” out he went.  On the other hand, she was sometimes very ruthless – with a witch’s cackle, she would grab three stray strands of grass and tear them out of the dirt like a hungry goat.
Dana:Wow, what a funny guy Chase is today. I am watching him eat a pound of granola (thanks, Dad) as he laughs out loud about the jokes he just made above, which are sad but true. I am such a lucky girl and he is such a hungry guy. Happy three years!
What do you all think about the new layout? Stay tuned for our video recap this weekend! 

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