When was the last time you hung your laundry up outside, rather than tossing it in the dryer? Can you remember a time you chose to sweep your house over vacuuming? How about running errands on your bike instead of in the car? I’m convinced that Earth’s environmental health will continue to deteriorate until we make the conscious decision to value natural resources as equal to human resources.

That was a big statement, do you agree with it? Do you fully understand what I mean? I mean, that our human resources of time and energy are currently considered more valuable than Earth’s resources. Oil, water, soil, and clean air are all resources that we use to make our lives easier, at the expense of Earth.

We need to shift our way of thinking, we need to begin to value ourselves as equal to Earth. If we keep believing that our life is more important than the Earth’s, we are doomed to destroy our own home – a home that is beautiful, inspiring and worth saving.

Something about living on a big island, in the middle of the ocean is changing my perception of the world. New Zealand is the perfect size, big enough to be filled with beauty, yet small enough to see that it’s natural resources are in limited supply.

I’m not asking you to change your whole life around, but I am asking you to think about the impact your decisions have on the environment.

Chose to make Earth’s life easier rather than your own a little more often and we will all live in a better world.

On Monday, I’ll be launching “The World,” a photo series that will leave you dreaming of new places to explore on our lovely planet. The first feature will be in Austria, captured through the lens of How Far From Home – a creative duo with 50,000 followers around the world.

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6 thoughts on “You Are Not More Important Than The Earth

  1. Hi Dana,

    Thanks for this inspiring post! Who better than travelers can draw attention to the necessity of caring about our planet as much as we care about our children … or our iPhone! Like the idea of the photo series, can’t wait to see it 🙂

    With love, from Munich!

    • I don’t know why it took me so impossibly long to reply to your kind words Amaury. I’m so glad social media has connected us, you are right that travelers are the perfect tool for inspiring the world. Let’s both keep trying to see the beauty of the world!


  2. You’re going to be driven nuts when you first get back to the states. When I was most recently back, I stayed with my sister in Madison and it irritated me how people would give me strange looks when I would walk somewhere. Here in the UK, the only times J and I drive are when we pick up a lot of groceries or go out of town into the country. Even then, we could still take public transport to get to most places we want to go in the country, it just takes longer.

    • Oh I can only imagine, maybe I will just stay on this side of the world forever. I went to University in Madison, I love that town but I can see what you mean about your frustrations. I need to see the UK one day soon!

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