Along the road, we have met people from across the world who have shared bits and pieces of their lives with us. Now it’s our turn to share a few tales with you about what it’s like to spend summer on the lakes. Our short time home has been filled with the usual excitement that accompanies the lucky few who have grown up in this beautiful part of the country. We have celebrated weddings, spent time on the boat, and attempted to improve our golf skills.

The first wedding took us back to the farm, The Farm on St. Matthias to be exact. On a warm evening near the end of August, Jocelyn wed the love of her life at her parent’s farm. Jocelyn and I grew up together in the water. Summertime meant two things: swim practice and lake living. For a couple hours every morning we swam laps back and forth across the pool. We would get home at 10:30am and spend the rest of the day swimming in the lake, diving off the boat and tubing. We had a blissful childhood. After attending Jocelyn and Scott’s wedding, I am certain they will have a marriage filled with bliss. Jocelyn and Scott wrote a wedding ceremony that was filled with harmony and honesty. The dinner and dance swept us up and left us feeling like we had traveled to Europe. All of this was within the serene setting of a peaceful farm. 

Our first week home happened to land on my favorite holiday – Peach Pie Day! Peaches in Washington ripen to perfection in late August and each year we receive boxes filled to the top with the luscious, delectable treats. Traditionally, Alexa and Mom spend hours making pies and jam, while I relax in a comfortable chair and entertain them with my charming personality. This year, Alexa was busy building happy communities in Costa Rica, so it was my turn to get up and lend a hand. Mom and I had a peachy keen time pealing peaches, filling pie crusts and making peach jam. For the next week I gorged myself on peaches – every meal included at least one peach. I woke up craving oatmeal covered in peaches and cream. Even though I can still taste the tangy peach juice as I type these words, I will have to wait until next year’s holiday to experience such peach-filled satisfaction.

The next wedding on the agenda was between Chase’s cousin, Katy, and her fiancée, Mac. They looked incredibly excited to spend their lives together and the reception that followed proved to Chase that I actually do have some dance moves. Chase has a large, close-knit extended family and what a better way to get to know them, then to boogie with them all night long. When it came time for Katy to toss her bouquet, all of us single ladies ran up to the dance floor with arms outstretched. I am not quite sure what kind of deal had been struck ahead of time, but somehow the bouquet landed in my hands – after it had been caught by a couple other girls. Chase ran up to the dance floor, kissed me, and was just as excited as I was to be holding the bride’s bouquet.

In typical Minnesota fashion, we have been getting our fair share of days on the lake while being home. Our days have been spent boating through the Whitefish Chain where we stop every couple of hours for drinks at one of a dozen bars and restaurants that line the shores. Gull Lake is another favorite destination where we gawk at the mansions and build dream homes in our mind. What’s nice about the lakes up here is that they all still have wilderness. Although mansions and resorts fill a portion of the land, every lake still has land protected from any development. This ensures that wildlife has a safe home. Just last week, as Dad and I were crossing Gull, we came across 45 loons huddled together. I said they were probably in the middle of a lake association meeting, but Dad thought it more likely that they were getting ready to fly south for the winter. It felt like winter already when we were cruising across Gull yesterday on our way to pick up pizza at Madden’s. We watched the sunset from the lake, huddled under blankets and eating our pizza as fast as we could, before it turned cold. The chill was an unexpected feeling after spending our day golfing at the Legacy. It was the perfect day of golf, if I ignore my poor performance. The air was crisp, the sun was warm, and the setting was spectacular. The course winds around lakes and through forests and yesterday there was not a single bug in site.  

If any of you are tempted to move to Minnesota after reading about our summers, remember that the snow will start to fall in about a month. Make sure that you come visit during both seasons, before committing to a lifetime in Minnesota. For me, winter just means that I have to put on a few extra layers before I step outside to enjoy the weather. Winter means cross country skiing, hot chocolate, snow ball fights and no bugs! Come enjoy the changing seasons of Minnesota sometime, it will be an experience you will never forget.

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