I realized recently that my life has no purpose.

I’ve spent my entire life thinking there was one, preordained path with my name on it and if I looked hard enough, was open minded enough, my purpose in life would reveal itself.

Well, I’m calling bluff on all this “purpose” baloney. I no longer believe there is one purpose for me in life. I’ve wasted too much time searching for my purpose. I’ve even tried not searching – and letting my purpose find me. Needless to say, it didn’t. 

A passive belief in an invisible purpose will no longer weigh me down. I’m ready to stop worrying that I’m taking the wrong path in life, I’m done waiting for my purpose to show up, I’m ready to just be.

It’s been a mere three days since I came to my purposeless conclusion and I already feel like a new person. It no longer matters what I accomplish or don’t accomplish in my life. My life has no purpose. My life is deemed a success simply by continuing to exist.

I hope this doesn’t sound depressing to you, because I feel nothing short of empowered. If my only role in life is to be, than I am free to live however I see fit. No purpose, no expectations, no judgements.

To you, it may be a simple realization, but to me this is earth shattering. I’m no longer aimlessly wandering through life in search of a purpose, I’m setting my own course and feeling perfectly content just living my life.

11 thoughts on “My Life Has No Purpose

  1. Awesome thoughts. It seems to me we can spend a lifetime wandering around looking for “it” only to find that “it” was with us all along. We just need to wake up and see…good morning Dana:) Love you.

  2. Dana, have you ever read anything by Jon Kabat-Zinn? He’s one of the pioneers of the ‘mindfulness’ movement in the US. Or the one that brought mindfulness to mainstream society anyway. I just finished reading his book “Wherever you go, there you are” and I’m starting “Mindfulness for Beginners” this week. I think you would love his concepts. They line up very much with what you are saying here. Our purpose in life is really only to be mindful of what’s happening around us, and pay attention to the strings of moments that make up our life; to be present and full here, wherever “here” is.

    • I like the sound of that. I will look to see if I can find his book here. Yes, living in the present (mindfulness) is absolutely what I am talking about here. Thanks!

  3. Brilliant. You’ve become quite the philosopher in your “old” age. Am thoroughly enjoying your mental (and physical, come to think of it), ramblings. Keep ’em coming. And hi to Chase.

  4. Hi Dana,

    Once again, a readworthy article! As a human being, I find it thought-provoking, as a linguist, I find it confusing. There is indeed a beautiful paradox here: your life has no purpose, but you are at the same time no longer “aimlessly” wandering through life. Would this mean that you stopped expecting a purpose, stopped looking for it and finally decided to give yourself the purpose of just being, of continuing to exist freely?

    Take care!

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