The World | Nicaragua


Photographer | Carly Hougen
Location | Nicaragua
Website |
Instagram | @carlyjo
Facebook | @carlyjostudio

Carly Hougen is the artist behind these stunning photos from Nicaragua. She’s a lovely soul inside and out, with a knack for photographing life in a raw, real way that makes you feel like you’re part of her adventures, part of her happiness. She’s a natural talent whose creativity was fueled by her midwest upbringing with, “three gnarly brothers, a cowboy dad, and an artist mamma.”  Read More


Nicaragua on a Shoestring

Wake up people, go explore the world! There are so many unexpected wonders awaiting your senses. 

When I think back to the weeks I spent backpacking through Nicaragua, I smell the freshly baked focaccia bread in Granada, I feel the waves that jostled us for seven hours across the largest lake in Central America and I see the active volcanoes that towered above me as I floated in the waters surrounding Ometepe Island. Read More